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One Night With The King

One Night With The King

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Queen Esther : One Night With The King

Hello Everyone!

October 13 2006 is the day!

At last the time is here!
@ theaters everywhere in the U.S.A.
One Night With The King
We're still waiting on theater information outside the United States. We'll post it as soon as we hear.
Queen Esther Movie Homepage

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"I had been given the priviledge to preview this movie before its release, and I can say that it is an awesome movie! It comes out into theaters in just a few weeks, October 13th. It's a movie that the whole entire family would enjoy seeing. It takes an ancient biblical story and puts it in a whole new perspective, the story pops alive and you are drawn in the entire time that you watch it. It's a story of courageous, and standing up for Truth, no matter what the consequences may be. Very inspirational. I cannot wait to view this movie again, and you don't want to miss this!" brandedbyfir Sep-27 2:28 pm Put it on your calendar. Visit Esther Forum | email archives

Queen Esther Movie Homepage


Hello Everyone this March 6, 2006.

It has been confirmed from Gener8xion Entertainment Inc that the release date will be September 2006.

Our guess is with Tiffany Dupont having a new television series being tested this March, that the movie will wait to get past any pro or con reviews that comes from it.

Just a guess.

Marketing a movie is key to its success. Their are many obstacles that can hinder a 'perfect release date'.

Keep Tiffany in prayer of the 'role model' she could be.

If you hear any new news, let us know. [Email]

Thank you!


Hello Everyone this November 29th.

We just got word from Gener8xion Entertainment Inc
that the release date will be in March 2006.

If you hear any new news, let us know. [Email]

Thank you!


Subject: Queen Esther Movie :: October 19, 2005

Hello Everyone!

We would like to greet you again.

According to 8x Productions, the new release date of
'One Night With The King'  is still Fall of 2005.

However... whew... we came across these:

'On Tommy Tenney's website, www.Godchasers.net, he is
promoting his new book which is a sequel to his book,
One Night With the King. Here is what it has to
say about the movie:

"Announcing the release of Tommy Tenney's new book Hadassah
Covenant, shipping early October, 2005. We wanted you to have
a preview of this new book that is a sequel to the book One Night
with the King, currently being produced into a movie that will
be released in theatres early in 2006." '
We also heard this:
"I spoke with the person in charge of marketing and distribution
for the movie at WDC Media. They said that they are now hoping
for a Sept. 30th release date and if for some unknown reason that
it couldn't be met, they'd try for Christmas. They also told me
they're looking at opening the film nation-wide, compared to the
limited release they'd originally planned for."
"I just watched a behind-the-scenes show about this film on
TBN - Trinity Broadcasting Network - and one of the producers
is hopeful for it to be released sometime in March 2006 in time
for the Jewish celebration of Purim."

We are still waiting on an exact date.

If you have any insights let us know and we'll share them
with the Esther Community.

If you find any other information, please contact us at:

We are all excited and will let you know when the DVD
and movie soundtrack are released.

For those who want to learn more and those who just can't wait...
Here is the movie edition book:

Have a very safe and happy week !



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Queen Esther : Played by Tiffany Dupont
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