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  Queen Esther Movie

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  • An Epic

    One Night With The King.
    Peter O'toole
    Omar Sharif
    Tiffany Dupont


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    Queen Esther Movie

    Esther Store

    Queen Esther Myrrh

    Queen Esther Anointing Oil & Perfume Myrrh

    Bottle - Roll On Bottle - Perfume - Samplers

    In preparation to see the King, Esther went through a purification using oil of myrrh for six months and sweet odours for six months.



    Esther 2:12 Now when every maid's turn was come to go in to king Ahasuerus, after that she had been twelve months, according to the manner of the women, (for so were the days of their purifications accomplished, to wit, six months with oil of myrrh, and six months with sweet odours, and with other things for the purifying of the women;). Read more...

    Oil Of Myrrh Ingredients: The finest myrrh is imported from overseas and blended with fresh extra virgin olive oil from Israel. Queen Esther Ingredients: An exotic blend of Rose, Amber (Bdellium), Sandalwood, Lilies Of The Field Blend, Pomegranate, Honey, Coriander, Myrtle, Myrrh, Frankincense, Fruit Tree Blend, and Spikenard essential oils in a base of extra virgin olive oil (first fruits) from Israel.

    Beauty For Ashes

    Roll On Bottle - Square Bottle - Sampler

    Packaged In A Gift Box With Scripture Reference Card



    Our heavenly Beauty For Ashes Perfume Oil Blend is made from pure essential oils of coriander, spikenard, and honey absolute. It is then blended with extra virgin olive oil from the Holy Land. The Holy Spirit then transforms these individual oils gradually into a beautiful fragrance that is reminiscent of a soft, spicy, rose bouquet. Read more...

    Ancient Biblical Scents


    Therapeutic Grade Biblical Essential Oils

    100% Pure Essential Oils

    Our essential oil labels contain the following information:  Common Plant Name, Scientific Name,

    Place of Origin, Type of Distillation, Amount of Oil, and Safety Precaution Information.


    Read More: Cistus Absolute (Rose of Sharon)


    CISTUS ABSOLUTE (Rose Of Sharon)



    Scientific Name:  Cistus ladaniferus                

    Country of Origin:  Spain

    Distillation Method:  Solvent Extracted         

    Safety:  A


    This is true cistus oil distilled from dried flowering plants.  It is considered a rare oil.  An inferior cistus oil can be made from the steam distillation of the leaves and branches called Labdanum.  The "rose of Sharon" is probably the cistus or rock-rose.  Mount Carmel abounds in the cistus. Read more...


    Anointing Oil Jewelry, Bottles, Carriers & Holders
    Miniature Perfume Bottles, Atomizers, Bottle Pendants


    Biblical Anointing Oils

    Anointing Oil

    Oil Bottles - Necklaces



    There are many biblical interpretations about the Holy Anointing Oil and Incense in Exodus 30:22-38. We have spent over four years researching and praying about the ingredients and methods used in biblical times to make the Holy Anointing Oil and Incense, and will share our findings with you on this page. Read more...

    Prayer and Worship Candle Gift Set
    We specialize in producing the finest all natural Biblical aromatherapy candles.
    Churches, Religious Ceremonies, Weddings.
    Made with a soybean/beeswax blend and pure essential oils.


    Prayer and Worship Candle Gift Set

    Aromatherapy Candles

    Soybean/Beeswax Blend



    True aromatherapy candles made with pure essential oils are expensive as they require approximately one ounce of essential oil per pound of wax to give off a good scent throw. Read more...

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