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Movie Reviews :: One Night With The King

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TEXT: one night with the King. What a wonderful moving story.Tiffany did an amazing job capturing the human being that Esther was. I have seen this film so many times and never grow tired of it . The chemistry between Luke Goss and Tiffany made the Love that Esther shared with the king that much more believable and inspiring.
NAME: Joan ostojich

TEXT: The crystal that displayed the star of David was too mystical for me. I'm not sure that bit of 'drama' was necessary. Otherwise, it was great.

TEXT: It is splendid, Inspiring and illuminating. A result of obedience coupled with patience to fulfil destiny. To God be the glory.
NAME: Rev Okonji C.Joseph

TEXT: I am 14 years old and didnt have many thoughts about god when I saw the movie because of the movie I have become more religous.! Thank you

TEXT: the movie was soooooo awesome. i cant wait until the movie comes on dvd

TEXT: Loved the movie. Perfect casting, costumes, music, acting and a movie that all ages can enjoy. My only wish is that the movie could have been 4 hours long, therefore showing every detail of the Book of Ester. Thank you for all everyone went though to bring the public such a GREAT movie. One a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I rate this movie a 12. PTL!
NAME: Sue in Missouri

TEXT: Yes, I watched it with my daughter. I had already seen in in the theater and loved it and wanted to see it again. My daughter loved it also. I had just taught this story in my Sunday School class at church. Will you show this again on TBN? I am buying two copies of the DVD when it is releases.
NAME: mdhooks

NAME: Hannah

TEXT: I watched the movie on TBN ,I burst into tears and got the chills, it gave me hope! I have been asking God what my purpose is,I realize now I was sent here by him, for him! And thats the true reason why I exist! Also I really need to know if there is a soundtrack to this movie,I will look on website,That song BORN FOR THIS gets too me,I feel such joy i start crying,I believe BE Be & Margaret,And Michael Sweet, were born for THAT! Thier voices just hit a special emotion in me!
NAME: Stephanie Lempeck

TEXT: The movie was awesome and you did an excellent job. Unlike other biblical movies I've seen, you used a racially diverse group of actors and actresses and for that, I thank you. I can't wait until your next movie comes out! God bless.
NAME: Mary Gibbs

TEXT: This movie had so many spritual undertones that produced revelation beyond the actual book of Esther in the bible. Thank you Mr. Tenney for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you for such a time as this. The movie truly blessed my soul!
NAME: Rosalie Billingsley

TEXT: This is one the most wonderful movies I have ever seen!! The courage, boldness beyond fear--what can man do to me- "if I perish I perish" but my soul lives forever. The romance was incredible yet very pure. Blessed be the name of the Lord!! Come soon Lord Jesus Thank you TBN Rosie Valles
NAME: rosie valle

TEXT: it was the greatest movie i have ever seen.....it brings back memories to when i was 11 i got prophesized over that i was like esther....i didnt quite understand how i was until now i finally realized how me and her are so alike and i thank yall very much for makeing a movie about my hero i love her so much. thank you.
NAME: Ashley

TEXT: A beautiful film in many ways: the look and the story. And isn't it ironic that Esther, a Jew was Queen over Persia, that is now Iran. I believe the Iranians need a history lesson.... at least President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Question, is the palace with the 2 waterfalls a real place or a set?

I loved the movie!i'm looking forward to buying it on dvd.for the producers who picked the charecters( awesome) they really did a great job!they all fited into their parts.this movie also teaches us morals.i am going to meet Esther someday! thank you!<3 zipporah

TEXT: It was inspiring, breath taking love story.
NAME: Christina Woody

TEXT: My aunt absolutely loved the movie! I have a question. Will there be a VHS of the movie?
NAME: Sherry Gillum

TEXT: The movie really got me in the mode of how christians are in the kingdom of heaven.... and I know that I am a princess in the kingdom of heaven.....which is kind of cool for me
NAME: Shahnaz Shy-Colondres

TEXT: I've seen the movie twice at theatres now and want to own it for our family. The history it invokes is incredible. Every one that has seen it, that I personally know adores it! I had read the 2 Tommy Tenneys books about Queen Esther last year and waited pensively for the movie to come out. Thanks
NAME: Colleen bruns

TEXT: I thought that the movie, while it did deviate from the biblical story a bit too much, was excellent for getting into the context of the story. The costumes and architecture were beautiful, and the acting was excellent.

TEXT: it was the most wonderful movie. I loved all of it. It was a glory to god in the highest movie. The actor s were all picked by him (Jesus) to touch the hearts of so many. waiting for the dvd. Kitt in california
NAME: Kitt Logan

TEXT: I enjoyed it greatly, may you continue to provide films such as this. God bless your efforts.

TEXT: This movie was awesome! At first I had a hard time following along, but them it got easier. I was hoping that the movie would stick to the Bible all the way, but I guess that's just hollywood. All in all I love the movie, and everything worked out so good. The Actors and Actresses were amazing!

TEXT: We missed the Newport News showing of One Night With the King and would like to know what city it would be showing in that is closest to Newport News. Thank you.
Sue Crotts

DVD PRE-ORDER One Night With the King DVD

TEXT: It was the best film i've ever seen!

TEXT: I had read the book before going to see the movie. I was so excited to see what you did with the movie, It was great, It showed me what a great God we serve. and how he takes care of his childern.
NAME: Norma Carter

TEXT: My wife and I loved it. The actors were at the top of their game. They all portrayed the "expressions of the moment" so well. I was saturated with emotion throughout the duration. I cannot express with words the quality of communications that were projected from the eyes of the King during his intense moments of confrontation with his convictions and releasing his innermost to the woman of God's choice. Absolutely an excellent evening of entertainment for someone that loves the Word as myself. Thank you for your sacrifice as it must have been great. You have blessed both believer and non-believer.
NAME: Michael Mason

TEXT: Can't find the movie within 100 miles of the Hartford CT area. Why not?
NAME: Donna

TEXT: I thought it was incredible! It really lived up to the book. I was moved to tears many times throughout the movie. I can hardly wait to see it again and own it for myself.


TEXT: the movie is totally awesome. It really brought the story of Esther, that anyone who watches the movie will truly know and understand how God can use anyone with a willing heart for His glory. Keep up the good work. God bless.
NAME: Aruna

TEXT: I think it was a wonderful movie,all of our friends the wives loved it because of the love story, surprisingly the men didnt because it didnt have anything to do with salvation and didnt really promote what Christ did for us and how we need to accept him. The end is near and the gospel needs to get out.
NAME: jeanne mach

DVD PRE-ORDER One Night With the King DVD

TEXT: I would like to tell you what I thought of the movie but I haven't seen it. I asked our local theater why they hadn't shown it AND HERE IS THEIR REPLY: Thank You and I am sorry we were unable to get you this film. You may want to mention that their local distributor refused to even return our calls asking for a print of the film. "
NAME: Sheri Martin

TEXT: What a wonderfully produced movie. It held very much to the truth, albeit with some interpretive additions. This movie should have been better promoted, several co-workers I spoke with didn't know it existed, though I encouraged them to see it. I hope to see more inspiration moves, that are this well made, come onto the scene. I don't mind spending the money for a well done Christian based movie.
NAME: Mary

TEXT: it was loving and so open with feelings and turth it was like nothing of a movie i never saw before...and did you know that this movie is in the bible...shhh.
NAME: alonna

TEXT: it was a believable story . i think its a worthy film although it couldn't be a record seller film . thank you for your trying to show our ancient glory .
NAME: Fereydoun


TEXT: I loved the movie.... so much.... I saw it twice and wanted to see it for the 3rd time but i had to work.. cant wait to get the dvd.... The casting was great.... The message was easy to understand I left feeling and knowing we all have our part to play and all we need is our specfic time for our our destiny.... Awesome ... The scenery I felt I was there.... Keep up the good work.... TW Tulsa
NAME: Toni

TEXT: The Lord alone cast the parts of the King and Esther! True royalty in the kingdom of God in these two. It was so soo moving and shows exactly how God plans our lives into more than we could ask or think! Marvelous.
NAME: Mrs. Davies

TEXT: This is one of the most inspiring movies I have seen in a good long time. The music, the cinematography, the costumes, the scenery, the actors were a thrill to watch.
NAME: marilynwins@wildblue.net, Marilyn Brenden

TEXT: Absolutely Beautiful. It was stunning. I have always liked the story of Queen Esther, but this movie put me into her world, her life like I have never known. This is a truly magical and inspiring film.

TEXT: It was absolutely wonderful. The entire movie from start to finish was very much on the mark with the story in the Bible. Very well directed and produced. I would see it again and recommend it to my friends.
NAME: Connie DixoN

TEXT: One Night with the King was a fabulous movie. It was true to the Bible Word and was masterfully produced & acted. Please make more great Bible movies like this. Thank you!!
NAME: Victor H. Sternberg

Loved it. Wonderfully done. The sets and costumes were beautiful. The spiritual message came through. Give us more but it needed to be promoted better.

I loved the movie! My Bible study group did a special study on Esther and the novel for this movie came out right after that, so we were all so excited about this movie and it lived up to the novel and the Bible!

TEXT: I loved the movie and must admit I was disappointed in the ending! It seemed to cut off abrubtly, I felt it could have gone on a little longer with a more elaborate ending. Otherwise, it was EXCELLENT, thank you!
NAME: Anne Viljoen

TEXT: I thought the movie was excellent. Esther is my favorite book in the Bible.
NAME: Rhond

TEXT: I personally thought it was the best movie I have ever saw. Just the way the story was told made me love it. I can't wait to get the DVD!
NAME: Courtney Thornton

It was a wonderful movie that movie did not jam religion down your throat. It was ful of suspence & intrigue. It is the kind of movie that is suitable for all family members regardless of age. It lets you decide for yourself about what to believe. It also shows that a movie can be enteraining without sex, violence or profanity. Good family entertainment. Hollwood should rake a lesson from this movie.

TEXT: It was inspiring, beautifully done.
NAME: Jackie, Benicia

TEXT: The movie was very well done. I enjoyed it. I will be purchasing the DVD to use in my high school Bible class next semester.
NAME: Lola Denow

TEXT: Awesome! Very much a must-see for movie-goers - Christians, Jews, non-Christians.
Such an annointed movie we absolutely loved it!

TEXT: The movie was excellent! It was not only God honoring but entertaining and beautiful! I highly recommend it to all ages of people. Read the biblical account first for full understanding.
NAME: Karen Swanson


TEXT: Totally AWESOME!!!!!
This movie was wonderful
5 stars, 2 thumbs up! :~)

TEXT: cooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll and biblical

TEXT: I loved One Night with the King. I had been waiting for it to come to the movies and was so excited when it finally did. When it was first released, I invited a few friends only to find out that they had gone without me! So, I went alone and was overwhelmed by the casting and cinematography, as well as the story line. It's currently only showing at one last theater in the International Drive tourist area of Orlando. My early Christmas gift to myself is to travel 25 miles through rush hour traffic on I-4 (a nightmare) to see it again. Seeing it on the "big screen" allowed the majestic scenes to overwhelm you with its grandeur. I must say this, even as a Christian woman, THANK YOU for your choice in the role of the king!:-) The message of Esther and the persecution of the Jews during that time is so resonent of this age of antisemitism. While God may not raise up another Esther, he still has a plan, purpose, and way to deliver His people. I hope that this movie is seen by many Jews who are being persecuted in countries around the world to encourage them and give them hope that if God delivered them once before, He can and will do it again. I can't wait to make this part of my TBN DVD collection! Lila Alvarado Casselberry, FL
NAME: LilaAlvarado

TEXT: The movie was awesome. I wish we had more movies like this. It made me feel honored that I serve a God who is in control of everything. Thank you for allowing God to use you.
NAME: rosalin harris

TEXT: It was very well done - amazing costumes and sets, and pretty true to Scripture. I thought the casting was great except the appearance of the king - blue eyes?! I got over it by the end of the movie, though. Thanks for making this a quality production!
NAME: Kathy Lewis


TEXT: ".... Long awaited; but right on time!..." --Scott Hicks www.trueworshipministries.net
NAME: Scott Hicks

TEXT: I loved it so much I have gone to see it 3 times.
NAME: Annie Warren

TEXT: i have read the book one night with the king by tommy tenney and i have read the chapter out of bible and this movie really tells the whole story this is one of those movies that will impact you so much it just makes your heart hurt but you have to be able to really get it...i could watch it over and over again all the actors did an excellent job!!!
NAME: misty

TEXT: Hi. I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Where can I find a theatre to see this? Appreciate a quick response. Thanks, Susan
NAME: Susan

TEXT: I recently saw the movie and felt it was a very good adaptation of the story of Esther. I was drawn to the film after remembering another version that was made back in the 60's entitled "Esther and the King", which starred Joan Collins as Esther. I applaud this film and recommend all to see it with family and friends! Listen to the song at the end of the film as well, its a beautiful song!!
NAME: Umeki

TEXT: Hi we are in Toronto Canada and we want to know when the movie reaches here
NAME: Gabriel

TEXT: I loved it. I realize that all movies have to change somethings and take artistic liscence, but overall I liked it a lot and thought that you stuck to the bibliacl story well.

TEXT: Thank you Jesus for a wonderful movie, I went to see the movie last night with a few sisters from church and we had a wonderful time. Tiffany Dupont and Luke Goss did an outstanding job. what a wonderful way to bring Queen Easter out to into the world that needs more Love and respect. May God truly bless you all for working so had to bring this awesome movie for us to see .....
NAME: Nani maciel

TEXT: Awesome, awesome acting, costuming, music, romance, scenes....excellent and fascinating!
NAME: Marlena

TEXT: Beautifully done!
NAME: Maureen K Backstrom

TEXT: I absolutely loved the Movie. I thought the actors and the director did a wonderful job bringing this powerful tale to life.
NAME: Danielle

TEXT: what a powerful, annointed movie....portraying the courage of a young girl that allows the Lord God to be her strength, comfort and help when she gives up her personal desires. Beautifully done by all the actors. God Bless all of you that made it possible!

TEXT: When will the movie be in south africa gautheng
NAME: Corne

TEXT: I thought that the movie was very good in fact I thought that it was Awesome!I think that it will definitaly draw people in just because of the Love story but soon as they come in I hope that they will look beond the love seen and see the true story and the morals!
NAME: Brenda Florio

TEXT: hey yall i loved this movie, its was sooo good everytime i think about the movie i think its like a fairy tale but its not its history
NAME: Megan F

TEXT: I loved the movie. I thought it was very well done. The casting was perfect. The actors were exceptional. I loved every minute of the movie.


TEXT: Hi...I am really looking forward to seeing this movie. It certainly is the time for it. I was especially pleased to see the sermons of William Branham pertaining to Queen Esther. Whose idea was that to put his Quotes there? God bless you for doing so!
Sis. Georgia

TEXT: The movie was well done, but I wish I had read the Book of Esther from the Bible before I went. The movie was difficult to understand at first, and I never "got" who a couple of the characters were supposed to be.

TEXT: Hi Matthew Crouch, I'm a Christian and an actress, and I would like to be involved in a production like this.
Linda Mitchell

TEXT: OMGOODNESS!!!! i loved it i loved it!!! it was wonderfull!!!! its such a shame that is not more publisized.. but im letting everyone i know about it!...
NAME: leydi

TEXT: Wonderful!!!! My brothers and sisters in the Lord had a wonderful time of fellowship before and after the movie. The actors and actresses did a marvelous job of communicating emotions and thought with just the look on their race or the glare in their eye.
NAME: Carolyn Brenneman

TEXT: I thought it was great I am a member of Bornagain church in nashville You came to our womans corf and we were blessed to be in on when God first put it on your heart It was a true Blessing
NAME: Sharon

TEXT: It was a terrific movie. I really enjoyed it. I had just read that chapter in the Bible and it came to life for me.
NAME: Jeanette

TEXT: I absolutely love this movie... my favorite heroine of all time has always been Queen Esther. i remember reading Hadassah One Night With The King when it came out... immediately after reading i told my mom that it ABSOLUTELY had to be made into a movie! you can't imaging how ecstatic i was when i watched a TBN program and saw that it was being made!! This movie has just deepened my fervor to this life that Jesus has called me to live.. it helped bring the story to life better than anything i've seen or read.. it's truly a life changing movie. it's changed my life into wanting to grow more intimate with the King of Kings and it made dig in my heals so that i can give myself as a gift to my future husband (wherever he is!!) i've been to see this movie 2 times and i'm going to see it tomorrow and on Sunday which is my birthday 9i'll be 17!!!! i know i'm probably writing to much and that noone will really read it but i feel like you should truly know what this movie has done for me and my life and walk with God. it's strengthened me. i'm soo glad that this movie was made and i can't wait for it to come out on dvd in January!! also Tiffany Dupont was AMAZING and i have to say that she has nominated herself as my heroine. please tell her to keep up the great work. She's truly making a difference in us young girls' lives!
NAME: Chloe Ford

TEXT: What a wonderful movie! My 10 year old daughter had read a book called "Haddaseh", and was very familiar withe the story of Queen Esther. There was a lot of action, so my husband loved the movie, and I was thrilled to see great entertainment in Hollywood for the whole family, that showed a godly woman. I am buying the video! Super job!
NAME: Annette

TEXT: I thought the movie was really good. MY favorite scene was when Ester goes before the king. THey dramatized the situation alot but I think it gave the audience the feel of how much Ester was risking her life for her people
NAME: Ariel

TEXT: I think this is the best movie I have seen in years !

TEXT: I absolutely loved the movie. It was clean, there were no swear words or sex scenes and most important it was biblically based. I really appreciate a movie like this.
NAME: Sue Swathwood

TEXT: I absolutely loved it. I was deeply touched. I will never go before the King of Kings the same again. Thank you.
NAME: Rena Beadle

TEXT: I loved this great movie and want to buy the dvd as soon as possible so I can watch it again and again. God Bless the Crouch Family and any one else who helped make it or the actors.
NAME: jkhouk

TEXT: On a positive note I thought this was a high quality film. The cinematography, music (oh the music!), and overall acting was top quality. The plot was filled with intrigue and during the movie I kept thinking that women's lib have certainly come a long way. Imagine not being able to approach your husband unless he asks you to. There are a few guys that might get ideas from this movie! Artistic license not withstanding, I was disappointed at the end of the movie. In the book (the Bible that is) Haman's demise is further complete because he is pleased that the Esther has invited him to a feast. The movie mangles a Biblical truth that could have actually added to the intrigue of the plot. Also the King's trust in Esther in suddenly restored because he "sees the stars." That was a thunderous anti-climax. It still doesn't reasonably resolve the reason for her estrangement-perceived infidelity. When Haman is roughly hauled off screen to meet his fate, I cringed. How do you begin a movie with the spectacular righteous indignation of "Samuel," treachery and hate aplenty throughout the rest of the film, and rectify the chief villian's mischiefs with a few nameless guys hauling him off stage? Talk about anti-climax. Overall, it was a good movie, and I hope their will be many more epic-like films to come. NAME: Bayla

TEXT: The best movie I have seen in a very long time. Does such love exist? Only the bible knows for sure. Loved everything about it, especially the costumes, musical score, and of course the gorgeous king! Just saw it for the third time, and could see it again. Awesome.

TEXT: This was the bet movie that I have ever seen! The movie has love, faith, adn trust in it, but then again it has some type of betrayal. One Night With The King is the best movie if you want some romance. I recomend it to any one.
NAME: kristy alybora

TEXT: I LOVED the movie! The part 9there's many to love)where the king was preparing to leave for training and he gave back the necklace, and he said that he always returns for what is his, reminded me of Christ and His iminent return. The symbolism in each part of the movie was profound. I have seen it 3 times, with different friends, and would see it again and again, because of the SYMBOLISM that points toward Christ's love for His church and the Jewish people. I took notes and had a Bible study with our youth girls after taking them. I am so proud of this movie! The book of Esther just came ALIVE to thousands of people! Thank-you.
NAME: reanell hamilton

TEXT: It was awesome! It was a beautiful story, made The Old Testament come alive, showed the plight of the Jews, and the dedication and Faith of Esther, The love between her and the king was sensitive and beautiful. The costumes and props were elaborate and elegant!
NAME: Donna Kaye Rock

TEXT: Great movie, biblically sound and an awesome love story. Actors did a wonderful job. Brought tears to my eyes as Esther told the truth of her heritage.
NAME: becky

TEXT: I saw it tonight and i thought it was wonderful. I read the bood of Ester before seeing it, but the producers did a wonderful job. the scenery was beautiful.
NAME: Jean

TEXT: I thought it was superb. I had been watching previews of it on TBN for months and was really looking forward to seeing it. I was not disappointed. One of the most accurate bible stories I have ever seen. Tiffany Dupont was a perfect choice for playing Esther. She was just how I would imagine the real Esther to be, gentle, humble and courageous. The movie was also very inspiring and showed how God has a plan for each and everyone of us if we will yield our life to him. It also reminded me that when we go through bad situations that our beyond our control, many times it is because God is allowing it to happen to push us on to our destiny and to accomplish his purpose for our lives.
NAME: Cheryl Smith


TEXT: It was the most amazing Christian movie I have ever seen in my life! I give this movie an A++++ (ect.)

TEXT: It was pretty good. I love the Dresses.
NAME: Cassia

TEXT: Attended ONE NIGHT.....with the congregation of my church and thoroughly enjoyed it and the attendees' reaction of being able to attend a film of this quality! Thank you for your commitment to bringing these type films to the screen.

TEXT: I couldn't imagine a better movie on the book of Esther, its awesome. Please keep doing the good work may the Good Lord help you in this duty. Remain blessed. Ayuba (from Northern Nigeria)
NAME: Ayuba Leo Shok

TEXT: This was one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. A true tale of Gods chosen people and there persecution. I will see it again and again. PS I am a movie critic with nothing to criticize!!!

TEXT: i loved the movie i love esters dresses and it was mine and my huband's first night out
NAME: Lynsbia

TEXT: I thought the movie was great, I really enjoyed it. We went to see it as a Junior class for an assignment. It was soo awesome.
NAME: minni

TEXT: Magnificent! My husband & I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.thank you
NAME: Johanna Lewis

TEXT: Absolutely breathtaking! Well done!
NAME: levans5

TEXT: I thought the movie was a gross distortion of a beautiful Bible story and a terrible misrepresentation of the Book of Ruth. In Ruth, God was not mentioned but His presence, power and involvement with the Jews was apparent nevertheless. Your movie can be responsibile for misleading thousands of nominal Christians who do not read the Bible on a regular basis. There was the contrived icky love story you manufactured between Esther and the king which was ridiculous. More attention was placed on the materialistic and pagan life style than on the real struggle Ruth had in this story. I am sending a warning to all my friends and family not to waste their time and money on this silly film.
NAME: Roselie Day
Editor Note: Thank you Roselie. However, this movie should not be confused with the Book of Ruth

TEXT: FABULOUS!!!! One of the best movies I have ever seen!
NAME: Rachel McDaniel

TEXT: Enjoyed the movie - it was very tastelly done and kept our attention. I attended with a couple of young single ladies and they really enjoyed it - especially the romance and the spiritual significance.
NAME: peggy

TEXT: This is one of the best movies I've seen in years, it is inspirational to young and old. It is beautifully done - I have seen it 4 times!

TEXT: will the movie be coming to Ireland in europe, as my wife and I would love to see the movie
NAME: Paul McDonald

TEXT: We loved it ! There was much opportunity for a story such as this to be made in a sensual, graphic way, even room for a lot of inuendo, which is what we were afraid we were likely in for - but contrarily- it was fantastic, artistic and done very tastefully. Dare I say righteously? We'll buy it as soon as it comes out on DVD and would love to see more great Bible stories done this well! Ruth, anyone?
NAME: S.R.Jenkins

TEXT: It was anointed:) When I left the theater I was not the same I was filled with so much JOY that I haven't felt in such a long time. It was surely the anointing of God:) Thank You:) T.B.N. and everyone :):) May the Lord Bless You and Keep You... Numbers 6:24
NAME: Precious

TEXT: Excellent movie. What a breath of fresh air compared to the types of movies that Hollywood has been releasing these past years. Beautiful, elaborate costumes and graphic arts are just fantastic. I'm definitely waiting impatiently for the DVD release!!
NAME: Sharon Z. Metzler

TEXT: This Movie was GREAT. I Enjoyed it a lot. It's really worth the watch. Great Film!!!

TEXT: My, My, what a wonderful job you have all done! I thank you and I love you all very much. I look forward to all the movies that Matt and Laurie will continue to produce! And I pray daily for each and everyone of you that have made this wonderful movie a success. PrincessBlue

TEXT: This is so close to the Holy Scriptures! My husband and I really enjoyed the movie, and I wish there were more movies made like this one. It is a pleasure to go to the movie theater and see a holsom movie that is uplifting and you do not have the vulgar language that seems to be the norm now days. Thank you and God bless you & all the actors in this movie and all who had a part in making of it.
NAME: Cheryl Hall

TEXT: Totally AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Went with some freinds for my birthday. Esther was sooooo pretty!
NAME: Olivia Brodock

TEXT: I always admired Esther, and so I was excited to see the movie;It went above and beyond what I expected it to be. I really enjoyed it.
NAME: Angie C

TEXT: This was a great movie. It's got a great feel to it, and I left the theater feeling good. The actors were great, the scenes were amazing--it was just a great movie. I can't wait to see it again!
NAME: Rebecca

TEXT: WOW! When will it be out on DVD? Best movie ever since 10 commandments.
NAME: Linda McMillan

TEXT: Hi There When is this wonderfu;l film coming to the UK we are having an Esther day at our church on 25 Novemner and it would be great to be able to show a clip and give the dates we can expect to see it. We can't wait, God Bless you for your web sites and information. Women of purpose in waiting for the faout of the King in England.

TEXT: I know and feel that this movie was effective in my life. The reason why I feel this way is because it had a very important impact. When God, the Father, the Son, the Holyghost brings from a past he changes your name to what your future will be. Me personally am a single mother of two children and I have decided to wait for my king, because without rain nothing grows...thankyou for letting me give you feedback on this movie

TEXT: Spectacular, we were rivited to our seats bring us more.......
NAME: Randy

TEXT: I absolutely loved the movie! You brought one of my favorite Bible stories to life for me. The plot, the scenery, the costumes, everything was amazing. I went to the movie twice in the same day. Thank you so much for making a movie that was Biblically based that had a message of hope and love. God is truly wonderful. God Bless You!
NAME: Harmony

TEXT: awesome movie...i loved the love story and Tiffany Dupont was amazing! though YES we know there are things that are not exact it was moving and i will see it again.

TEXT: beautiful movie! amazing set, and the charaters were phemonial! deffinately worth seeing!
NAME: shelby

TEXT: i loved the mivie~!! it was really great

TEXT: I absolutely loved the movie, and it certainly got the premise of the Bible story across to a both christian and secular audience. I look forward to more christian movies from this company!
NAME: Lindsey

TEXT: I work with the deaf and hard of hearing. Is there a showing with Closed Caption and also the dvd, will it have CC or Subtitles?
NAME: Dawn

TEXT: Ihave not yet watched the movie but Iam looking foward to watching it soon

TEXT: Great movie. Tiffany Dupont plays a wonderful ester. And the music is great too. I know someone who went to see the movie nine times!
NAME: rachel

TEXT: I thought the movie was POSITIVELY WONDERFUL!!!!!!! I LOVED seeing it. I saw it with my grandma, and she liked it, too. I've been bugging my mom to go see it with me. There aren't words to describe how good it was!! My grandma asked if I thought Xerses was cute! ;)
- Sky Blue, one of your most entusiastic fans!

TEXT: Movie was great!



TEXT: That was the best movie ever!! I totally loved it!

TEXT: When will the movie come to Europe? Will it be translated into German? Please let us know.
NAME: Ines Weber

TEXT: We thought it was terrific. Things I thought were added (fictionalized) turned out to be factual after a closer reading of Esther in the Bible, along with cross references and Bible dictionary. PLEASE make more movies like this ! ! ! !
NAME: Kay Dillon

TEXT: it was the most inspiring movie in the world that esther did that i don't know about you but i'm a christian that loves these kinds of movies.thank you for making this movie and the actors and actoresses you picked they were wonderful it was the best movie i've ever saw thank you.
NAME: Sarah

TEXT: excellant
NAME: Annette Pang

TEXT: AWESOME! I brought my 8 year old and she would say the same thing. Good for the whole family.

TEXT: It was fantastic. I was disappointed in only that the beautiful songs "one Night With the King" was during credit rolls and the other song not even in show. If I didn't have someone tell me to wait thru credits I would have missed the song too.
NAME: Marilyn

TEXT: My nineteen year old daughter has cried for two weeks after first seeing the movie. She said during the movie that God spoke to her and told her His passion for her is even stronger than the passion of the king for Esther in this movie. The movie is awesome. We have seen it many times, and plan to go back. My sunday school class has gone together. I highly recommend this wonderful movie. I even loved going back in the Bible to compare scripture to see what the Bible actually said. I loved this movie!!!
NAME: Deborah Terry

TEXT: it was a wonderful movie, so inspiring.please make more movie like this. many blessings.

TEXT: it was the best movie we hav eva seen!

TEXT: The movie stuck pretty well with the biblical account. It was an awesome movie; especially the scene where Esther came before the King uninvited. I had never put myself in her place before seeing that scene; I lived it during the movie. Great job!

TEXT: oh my gosh.ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TEXT: I thought it was excellent!! It was fairly accurate to the Book of Esther. It was romantic, yet chaste. The costumes and characterization was very well done! I applaud the director for including the explanation for Purim at the end.....and I not even Jewish!!

TEXT: Amazing! So well done as a movie and followed the Bible story. I hope it stay ing the theaters long enough for my family to see it also! I am telling all my friend to Go!

TEXT: Hey, I was wondering when is the movie coming out on DVD and video? The girls in my youth group and me are going to have a sleep over and rent it and I was wondering when it will come out on video, I cant wait to see it!!!!!! by the way I dont have an E-mail address becuase my parents wont let me have one so do you think you could post the answer on the web page? Thanx so much for reading this!!!!! I cant wait to see the movie!!!!!! Your fan, Sherry Lyn
NAME: Sherry Lyn

TEXT: I've seen this movie 2 times; and I'm going back a third time. It is an excelent movie. As I said befire it was as if I was back in time. As for myself, I belong to Christ; and I'm very happy with Him in my life. The right people were chosen to play in the movie. One thing about it when U dig a ditch be careful because U will fall in it yourself. I will buy this movie as soon as it comes up for sale.
NAME: Ann Turner

TEXT: Great movie!!!!! In the movie "One night with the King", the symbol used for the Aggagite Haman was the swastika and a serpent entwined in it. I was wondering if this is archeologically or historicly accurate? Thanks for a response....I've tried Wikipedia and other sources and haven't found the answer.
NAME: Seth

TEXT: We were terribly disappointed. This is a truthful review. We could NOT understand half of what was being said, oh the volume of the sound was just fine, we could HEAR everything but could NOT understand what was being said. The location was beautiful but the movie certainly lacked the anointing. We watched 2 movies back to back that day, the first one FACING THE GIANTS! the 2nd One night with the King. I called a friend after and asked her had she seen both movies, her reply was yes, so i asked her what was her opinion of them. Well surprisinly she said the VERY same thing my husband and I had already said. The movie FACING THE GIANTS has got One night with the Kin beat! ... WHY there is no anointing on this movie. ANYONE who has experienced the TANGIBLE presense of God would know that this movie does NOT carry it. THose who have NEVER experienced the TANGIBLE presense of God would certainly enjoy this movie. I will not lie to tickle your ears. This movie is VERY disappointing, as I said beautiful location, beautiful wardrobe etc, but without the anointing it is nothing!
NAME: Danna

TEXT: Wonderful!! The acting was great, with facial expresions and body lanaquage much was communicated.
NAME: c brenneman

TEXT: although i thought it did not quite tell everything like the bible tells it such as the concubines that the king had, it told most everything very well. It was captivating and caused some to run home and read the story in the bible.
NAME: debra leisinger

TEXT: I just saw "One Night with the King" and thouroughly enjoyed it. I read the bibical account of Ester before going to the movie and the movie followed the biblical account quite well.

TEXT: am in uganda and i have'nt seen the movie yet. you know these countries,but on the reviews i have seen i think the movie is quite unbelievable. Tiffany is such a lucky girl to paticipate in such a wonderful project. good job, keep it up.
NAME: sanyu esther

TEXT: it was terrific, but it's not playing at enough theaters, I have to go 20 min to go see it. ...but it's worth it, I've seen it 3 x so far.

TEXT: 5 Star- If you are familiaar with the story , you will certainly enjoy it. The stars are casted very well. Peter O'Toole is especially good. See it!
NAME: Marilyn Kiefer

TEXT: hey I'm a gril named Esther and i loved the moie One Night with the King i wacth it 2 tiem and love it i just can't wait for it to come on dvd
NAME: Esther , rose@

TEXT: Wonderful...delightful!!! Its always great to go to a theater and see a movie with a powerful plot and theme....without profanity and nudity. Its always a delight to see biblical movies!!
NAME: Max, sgmaxwell

TEXT: Hello, I haven't seen it yet but really want to. I live in Canada but haven't heard of it being shown anywhere yet, do you know how to find out about theaters in Canada showing the movie? Thank you
NAME: Deborah Kamara

TEXT: I live in Mississauga Ontario Canada, thats part of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). I want to see this movie so badly, I have been telling my saved and usaved friends and co-workers about this film. I even brought my bible to work to show them the book of Esther only to find out that it is not playing here. Please add Canadian theatres.
NAME: In'll Dawkins

TEXT: it was awesome and it was the best movie ive seen in my life

TEXT: I was truly captured by the Lord as I viewed this movie. Actually, after the first viewing, I was so enchanted by the Lord's message in this movie, I went back to the ticket booth and bought a ticket for the next two showings and saw it twice more, the same day. It really deepened my relationship with the Lord. I look at my relationship with the Lord with a deeper, more intimate perspective.
NAME: Michele Rousseau

TEXT: I thought the movie was GREAT! i WOULD GO TO SEE IT AGAIN.

TEXT: I loved the movie and thought that it was really good. I have it preordered already and can't wait for it to hit dvd.
NAME: Shae Miller

TEXT: I need to see the movie--please let me know where it is playing and if it is available on DVD yet.
NAME: schubitz1

TEXT: Absolutely wonderful - saw it twice - going back for a third time - it was a great love story - the love between a man and woman and the love of God for man. Thank you so much.
NAME: wdsenadenos

TEXT: Tiffany did a wonderful protrayal. I will show dvd to my grade school girls. I enjoyed it and will buy dvd.

TEXT: I thought the movie was awesome and made me cry and I desire to have the movie when released to DVD or VHS. ladies at our church went as a group here in loganville, and Daughter and church in Cleveland,TN went to it and all have enjoyed it, very moving movie, and the players very good. can't wait for release of it for self, and recommend it to others. The love and faith are what its all about in the real King.
NAME: kathleen wood

TEXT: I enjoyed the movie because it was real, want had just enough story when it really flowed. I went away feeling really good. It is a cinderella story, but more.

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